Deathreat on Spotify
April 30th 2018
Our debut EP "Zero Trust" is now available on Spotify.
Berlin show cancelled
April 19th 2018
Our show in Berlin was unfortunately cancelled. We have managed to replace that with a show in Rzeszow, Poland alongside Excidium and Haunted Cenopath on the same date.
Boiling Agression Tour Dates
February 10th 2018
We invite you to Terrordome i Deathreat shows within Boiling Aggression Tour 2018. The tour will enfold the following cities:

20 April @Faust, Katowice [PL] 
21 April @Köpi 137, Berlin [DE] 
22 April @Szafa, Szczecin [PL]
24 April @Pooca Bar, Hamburg [DE] 
25 April @Bambara, Groningen [NL] 
26 April @Le Midland, Lille [FR]
27 April @Music City, Antwerp [BE]
28 April @Ju.W.E.L., Gotha [DE]

Deathreat on Thailand Grindfest
February 2nd 2018
Our first confirmed concert in 2018 is our appearance at Thailand Grindfest in september.
Page Update
October 10th 2017
We have updated the Discography section with lyrics and added upcoming tour dates.
Stream of "Zero Trust"
May 23rd 2017
You can now listen to "Zero Trust" MCD pre-release streaming using this link.
Deathreat in Deformeathing Productions
April 14th 2017
Deathreat has joined Deformeathing Productions. As we celebrate our union we also mourn Peter Steele. Rest in peace, forever missed by all of us.
Rehearsal tape is out
November 8th 2016
Our first rehearsal tape is out now. Learn more in our discography section.

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